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Groupie Tale #5: TREY SONGZ . 

Disclaimer: We cannot confirm 100% accuracy. These are user submitted.

One of our user’s claims to have run into R&B singer Trey Song after a recent performance in Cincinnati. Here’s what she claims went down:

Well the Ritz closes at 5 am we left round 3:40. Im like yall lets try to get in through the back.. but shit security was there too.. so we turn around an Trey an his home boys come out (his friends was on some ugly shit too). Trey like whats good.. i aint know who he was talkin to but he was like come here.. so i get over there an he talkin blah blah long story short we exchange numbers.. He invited us to his hotel room.. we get patted down cause security didn’t want camera phones in there.. so i get there an he was like what up.. i was like nervous cause it was ah lot of people there an his security guard kept lookin at me funny… any who trey takes me into a room.. we get in there an i know what bout to go down.. trey got that WORK!!! His dick is sooo good! He laid me on the bed an was jus talkin an shit.. He get his condom out or what ever an put it on an shit.. he like yo turn around so I turn around or whatever, i can tell that his favorite position.. He told me he like thick girls cause he like to look at they ass from behind.. once he put it in i thought i was gone cry it was so good.. he was putting his fingers in my hair.. trey dont like weaves.. so after that we do some ol other shit.. but gettin to the good parts he lifted up an started kissin my belly he had put my legs on his shoulder.. he was kissing my thighs real soft an shit.. so my mind goin crazy.. then he kissed my belly again then my clit.. trey ate my pussy an i swear on my momma he do it better then anybody! He was like real slow wit it.. I make it to where u feel like u need it to live.. Well he was doin that then he started kissin it.. Trey ah real FREAK yall Im so serious… anyways when we was done i left an he was make sure u get at me yo.. but i think he got ah new number cause I aint heard from him since . 

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Groupie Tale #4: DRAKEEEE. 

Disclaimer: These are user submitted , I cannot promise 100% accuracy.

(Keep in mind that this is from 2010)

So everyone thinks that Drake is this clean-cut child actor from Canada that’s so hot. Now I’m not going to lie, his music is hot but his dick game is even hotter. I figured since he was affiliated with Trey Songs he couldn’t be too clean cut. So I met Drake after he did a show on the Lil’ Wayne tour in Memphis, TN.

They were staying downtown at a mediocre hotel and me and a group of my girls just so happened to have a friend working the front desk so we knew where they were at.

We were at the bar having drinks figuring they would be in after the concert around 11:30. Sure enough Drake walks in with some girls (who I believe where the dancers) and the some other short dude whom I assumed was Jas prince son of rap-a-lot owner. So we kind of flirted and got his attention and they came over to the bar and was like what’s up with ya’ll, ya’ll from around here. We said no we just go to school at Langston but were from Vegas. They were like well you want to come up, we can chill and drink up there. So we were like okay.

We get up to the room and everyone is talking and having fun and all of a sudden Jas grabs my girl and was like yo we’ll be back. So I’m sitting there with Drake and he was like come closer come up on the bed. I’m like wow can I get comfortable first I barely know you.

So after a few minute I’m like fuck it. I know what I came here for. So were sitting and talking, he’s telling me about why he raps. And I tell him I used to watch him all the time on Degrassi. Lol so then he’s like wow I really want to kiss you and I’m like huh. Kiss? That’s soooo romantic. So we kissed and next thing you know my shirt was half off. Now mind you he’s a Scorpio so you know his passion runs deep, Great kisser I must say. While were kissing I keep feeling something poking my stomach. I’m like “Yo , your belt is really irritating me” till I noticed he had sweats on. Lol you know my imagination went wild.

So we kissed for a bit and then he was like you know what would really turn me on..I’m like what’s up talk to me..he was like some head..I’m like well that’s not really my thing and I thought to myself this might can be continuous thing so fuck . Then I thought I can’t break up a happy home, and I asked him isn’t your girlfriend Bria Myles, he’s says no that was a Lil fling but its way over now . So I say ok, let’s get it. Girl let , me tell you when he pulled it out. GOD DAMN. Who said light skinned dudes weren’t in. I was locked in, as Diddy would say, on him. I figured he’s like 6’2 I so he has to be holding something and lord he was. It was like some porno shit I swear, they could mold that thing and sell it in stores. So I break him off for like 5 mins and then that was it. I guess he’s one of those dudes who enjoys head more than sex I was like wow I wanted to do more but it was okay cause the look on his face was priceless. He was really sweet though and was like maybe we’ll see each other again. If you ever in Toronto hit me up. We exchanged numbers, I called my girl and we left.

Overall 9 out of 10 even though we didn’t go all the way, but his personality and passion was out of this world. I pray he’s stays single for a while cause any girlfriend he has is definitely going to catch hell.

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One more thing “Team Mindless” 

If my post offended you in any way , i’m sorry. I don’t know much about you guys , but let me tell you something , YOU ARE WHAT YOU ATTRACT - so acting like your all hard and shit needs to stop . Y’all continue to come in my ask talking about :

"Your such a hoe" blah blah. Well if you could readdd , These are user submitted . If you don’t understand that then you should clearly get off of tumblr , and go read some books because your one illiterate motherfucker. 

You guys are putting up a bad name for your “Team” . You start drama for no reason really . My blog is your blog , and my blog is my blog . I don’t appreciate y’all coming into my ask asking me “Whats the point of my blog?” That’s like me coming to your house and asking you , what’s the point of your house ? Please think before you talk.

Please stop girls , and have respect for yourself , MB , and your “team” .

Tales Of A Groupie: Teenage Groupie Tale #3 : Princeton from Mindless Behavior. 

These are user submitted I cannot promise 100% accuracy .

Okay this isn’t necessarily a “sex story” considering his lil’ ass still a virgin. Here’s what happened… I took my little sister whom is 13 to the “Closer to My Dreams Tour” in Ohio. Mindless Behavior wasn’t on yet , some Hamilton Park guys were on. I was like fuck this shit and decided to go to the bathroom , the way the arena was set up the bathroom was like in the hallway next to the dressing rooms. I went into the bathroom and did whatever I had too do. Keep in mind i’m 16. When I walked out , I bumped into Princeton. No shitting , I honestly did. He was like “Woah , shawty , you okay ?” I said rudely ” Yeah i’m good” I don’t think he took the hint because he kept talking. “Whats someone as cute as you doing out here by yourself?” I laughed. “Nothin , fixing my hair.” “Oh , well gotta go. Hand me your phone?” WTF. Was this lul nigga tryna spit game at me? But I did it anyways. He put his number in my phone under “Prince” and walked away. I went back to my seat and watched all them lul kids do they thang. I wasn’t interested in him AT ALL. For one thing i’m 16. I couldn’t help but think he was gay. He’s so feminine and flamboyant. He has a really ugly nose also. It’s just like one huge triangle. LOL. Lemme stop. Anyways… It would’ve been really rude if he got his his hopes up hoping I would give him my pussy. LOL. Soo I called him he answered the phone on like the 2nd ring. I don’t think he knows how old I am because he invited me to some High School Basketball game that his cousin Tierrah was playing in. After the game he asked did I want to go back to his hotel room. I appropriately turned him down. I wasn’t gonna fuck a 14 year old. But we did kiss… with tongue. He’s not a good kisser AT ALL. I honestly think he’s gay. Have fun getting fucked in the ass Princeton :) ALSO he still hits me up.

-Ashley P.

Groupie Tale #1 : BRUNO MARS. 

Disclaimer: We cannot confirm 100% accuracy. These are user submitted.

When listening to the lyrics delivered by some of today’s hottest rappers and r&b singers, many give the impression that they are great in bed and will leave a woman quivering for days. Well , not Bruno Mars , he makes women feel amazing about who they are… well trust me its all an act. (Keep in mind I believe this was the time when he and Chanel were having relationship problems)

A few years ago, when Bruno was still going by the name of Peter Hernandez, I had the opportunity to meet and exchange phone numbers with the self-proclaimed “Sex Dragon”. It was during a major, private industry event in LA where everybody who was anybody was in attendance. Two of my close female friends and I decided to leave our section to go browse and see what other money was in the building. While walking through the celebrity filled crowd, we walked past the CTE section. Bruno and I locked eyes for a moment, but a real woman knows a man is more intrigued if you act uninterested, so I kept it moving. I could barely make it a few steps before one of the CTE members came grabbing me to redirect my attention back to Mr. Mars- who was standing on top of the table with a bottle of Goose. After a brief conversation (because I didn’t want too many eyes, including the money I was there with, to notice), Bruno and I exchanged numbers.

We kept in contact via text and brief phone convos but our schedules never matched up. Finally, after a couple months, we linked up. I decided to take a personal day from work and called Bruno to see if he was in town. He was so he gave me directions to his home in Downtown LA. While driving into the neighborhood and up the long, high driveway, my mind was going crazy. Im not new to this, so I knew that by going over his house we weren’t going to just sit and twiddle our thumbs- he was going to try to fuck….. I was all ready for it.

I walked in and was immediately impressed by the design of the home. Everything was all black and white and immaculately decorated. I made my way upstairs to the master bedroom. We layed in the bed & talked while watching a movie and of course, it began to go down. I was waiting for Bruno to drop his boxers and reveal a monster “carrot” , so imagine my disappointment when I met his average ass dick! I don’t know about most women, but it I can deep throat a man’s entire dick (with my nose damn near touching his stomach) without choking or gagging, there’s a problem!! It was too late at that point so I sucked it up and began sucking him off. I couldn’t even get into it- the whole time rolling my eyes to myself while pretending to enjoy it.

After sucking his dick, he put on a condom and we began to fuck. Have you ever driven all the way across town, wasted your gas and mileage just to find out your favorite store is closed? That’s how I felt about these worthless miles I just put on my pussy. The fuck was less than extraordinary. We fucked missionary and then I turned over so he can hit it from the back- also hoping that the slanted angle of being bent over with my back arched would  provide more satisfaction for me….. NOPE! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a quick fuck. He definitely put it down for an extended amount of time. Maybe if I was drunk, if he was someone I had feelings for, or if he was caking me off, I could learn to love the dick. But for a quick, midday fuck- I’ll pass.

Needless to say, we didn’t keep in direct contact after that. I’ve seen Bruni a few times after that and he always gives me the “Don’t I know you” look but I simply say “Nice to meet you”, flash a smile and keep it moving. Maybe his dick game has improved with the influx of cash. Or maybe, I’ve just been blessed to only fuck with big dicks in my lifetime so my pussy and throat may be biased……

- Anonymous .

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Groupie Tale #2 : NICKI MINAJ. 

These are user submitted. I cannot promise you 100% accuracy.’

Okay so here’s my story, I’m in Atlanta about 2 years ago visiting my homegirl. She takes me out to a club where Gucci Mane is performing. We get to the club and my girl, who is like Atlanta’s number one party girl, knows the club owner so lucky for us we get to be in the VIP section. We were having drinks and just fuckin off for about an hour and a half till finally Gucci Mane comes out and starts to perform. In the middle of his performance this sexy bitch with the best hips and ass comes out and starts rapping. I ask my girl who is that? She says “are you serious? That’s Nicki Minaj!” I had never heard of her (I’m not a fan of rap) but I liked what I saw, now I have never really been into females aside from the usual “she’s pretty” or whatever and maybe a couple angelina jolie fantasies! (Its the lips) but this bitch was rapping about having 3 somes and shit and making my pussy tingle. Nicki finished up her set and left the stage. After a while I saw her at the bar with an entourage surrounding her, I asked my homegirl what was the deal? She told me that Nicki always signs the girls titties after every show and ask if I want to go get mine signed. In my head I was like “hell fuckin yea” but I said to her girl naw you the one who like pussy go get yours done, she begged me to go too and since I wanted to get close to this girl I agreed. When it was almost our turn we began pulling our tits out, my girl got hers signed first, then me. As I was standing there letting her touch my tits I was becoming turned on by her, she smelled soooo damn good!I dont know what got into me but I asked her for a hug, when she hugged me I made sure to rub my already hard nipples against her. She asked would I like a picture, I said yes she put her arm around me I could of sworn I felt her intentionally caress my nipples. She said thanks for being a fan, I told her “well honestly I had never heard of you untill now but I really enjoyed you, she just grinned and said thanks. Later when we were getting ready to leave a guy walks up to me and says Nicki wants to talk to you, I looked at my girl and she was like “bitch what the hell she want with you?” I told her I didn’t know but I was gonna find out, she said not without me, I told the dude my girl needed to come with me, he just shook his head yes and did the “come on” motion with his hand. He took us in the back of the club to a room where Nicki, and some other people were at talking, drinking, and smoking weed. When she saw us enter she smiled continued talking and put her finger up mouthing “gimmie a minute” some guy had grabbed my homegirls’ hand pulled her off to the side and started mackin on her. After about 2or 3 minutes Nicki comes over to me she asks my name and says “thanks for coming to holla at me, so you said you never heard of me?” I said “no but, I’m glad I saw you tonight cause that show you did was hot” she told me that she saw that I was aroused and that she knew I had rubbed my chest up against her. I was blushing, she said smiling “don’t be shy now, I actually liked it” that really made me feel ten times better I relaxed, she offered me something to drink and we just talked for a while. My girl was with dude enjoying herself and so was I. After some time Nicki asked me did I have to go home, I told her no. She asked would I mind coming to her Suite to finish our conversation cause she was really enjoying it I told her cool let me see what my girl wanted to do, she told me that ole boy my girl was with was a member of her “crew” he was cool and also staying at the same hotel so, we could both come, after chattin with my girl for a second we agreed to leave with them. When we got to the hotel my girl went to the room with her new friend, I told her text me if anything get out of hand. Nicki said “yea and we will come beat his ass!” We laughed and went into her Suite, she poured some wine and started taking off her clothes I was like Damn! She didn’t have any shame, her fuckin body was Hawwtt! She was just standing there but ass naked talking about something I didn’t hear any of that shit cause I was so amazed at how she was turning me on by doin nothing. She comes and sits next to me and says “this isn’t a problem for you is it? I love to get naked and relax” I told her it was fine. So we’re drinking wine and just talking. She is sooooo cool I felt like I knew her for ever. She asks me had I ever been with a female sexually before, I told her only in my mind, before I could get the last word out my mouth she leans over and starts kissing me long and hard, I’m tingling like crazy! She starts taking off my dress, and begans to kiss on my tits, then she flicks my nipples with her tongue looks up at me and says “my names already there these belong to me” she continues to lick and suck my nipples, she slides my panties to the side while still sucking my nipples and starts to rub my clit, I was so wet I began to moan in pleasure. She then puts her middle finger in me while still rubbing my clit with her thumb and starts fingering me it felt sooooo damn good, I promise no guy has ever finger fucked me that good. While she is doing all this she kept saying stuff like “yea that feel good don’t it mami” and “go head baby cum for Onika” I came about 5 times then she takes my panties all the way off tells me to lay back and open my legs real wide then she licks her fingers I’m like ohh yess she bout to eat my pussy! To my surprise she climbs on top of me and starts rubbing her pussy against mine her clit was the size of a peanut it felt good rubbing against mine. Now I aint gone lie during this time I thought to myself what if she got something? But then I stupidly threw it off saying she’s a star I’m sure she’s clean. After she had an orgasm from rubbing her pussy on mine she asked me “can I taste that sweet pussy Ma” I told her yea but I wanted to taste hers too. We get in th 69 position and go at it, this was my first time eating pussy but I’ve watched enough porn and I’m sure I was doing it right cause she was moaning and cuming real hard, as was I, after about 10 min of that she gets up flips me over starts licking my ass, I mean sticking her tongue IN my asshole it felt excellent, I even came again! Then she asks me can she fuck me with a strap on I didn’t say nothing, then she said “don’t worry its brand new in the box” she goes over to a suitcase and pulls out this box, she busts it open and pulls out a big black dick puts it on and tell me to get on my knees, she puts some lube on it and slowly slides it in my pussy at first it felt odd, but not for long, she was grinding that thing up in me just like a Dude she fucked the shit out of me! I’m talking pulling my hair, slapping my ass, and talking dirty, she had me calling out her government and everything! After we were through (she was having orgasms too) she laid down beside me and started rubbing her fingers through my hair and caressing my body. We laid there for hours talking about everthing under the sun untill we fell asleep. When we woke up we took a shower together and get this, we even washed each others body! After we had something to eat, she said she had to get ready to leave town, she looked me right in my eyes and said “have you ever met somebody, and you feel like they could be your soulmate, after being with them for one night?” I shook my head yes, she just kissed me on the lips and didn’t say anything else she picked up the phone and called to “ole boy’s” room and told him they needed to take us to our car so they could get to the airport. After she hung up we exchanged numbers, she told me to call her if I ever needed ANYTHING and that she promised to see me again. Well that was almost 2 years ago and she “gets up with me” everytime she can. I’m really glad I met her she has made my life 100 times better, we are also VERY close but of course due to her fame we must be discreet. For anybody who frowns upon lesbian/bisexual relationships, I’m here to say…DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT!

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Listen here “Team Mindless” 

Who the fuck are y’all to call ME “Team Brainless” ? Look , for one thing i’m not a fan of Mindless Behavior. How old are you guys ? 12-16 ? STFU. Don’t label me shit . I’m not a member of y’all fucking fandom. Half of you hoes can’t even spell & you anon ? GTFO. Who’s blog is this ? MINE. NOT YOURS. I be seeing y’all on twitter and shit talkin mad junk. Y’all are some ratchet ass hoes. Always wanting to fight someone. GTFO with that shit. Now , y’all got something to say ?

BTW; No disrespect to Mindless Behavior OR their fans who actually have sense & are mature !!